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About Theta Chi Realty Corporation

The Theta Chi Realty Corporation is organized under the Indiana Not-For-Profit Act and exists to provide housing for the Alpha Iota Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity at Indiana University. It is our mission to continue to update and maintain the Chapter House. The money we collect is used for servicing debt, providing foodservice to the members, paying our House Director, accountant and other expenses for operating the house, repairs and making capital improvements.

We rely Alumni donations for special projects for the house and are always welcome. We have recently agreed to update our life safety systems by installing a sprinkler system throughout the first floor. We typically take on debt for the improvement projects. Our lenders require us to pay them back and our source of cash flow is from the payment of Room, Board and Live Out Dues from the Members as our cash flow. We have hired the services of OmegaFi to electronically sign Member leases and allows the Members to pay their Room and Board online which was done manually in the past.

Once a year the Board holds its annual meeting, which all members are invited to attend, reviews its actions and financial status for the membership, and conducts elections for Officers and Directors.


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Member & Parent Notice Board

UPDATED 3/24/20


  • CORONAVIRUS Update -The Realty Corp is being faced with a challenge that we have never encountered before in our history. We are looking for you and your exec board all as Leaders to help Jayme, our House Director, Ryan and Dean to implement a safe plan that provides safety for our move out team and your brothers and family members who maybe assisting with the move out.  We collectively have no idea how long or how hard this virus outbreak will be hitting us. Many communities and services are or are being closed, Monroe County is shutting down its government offices and many are asking to work remote. We are following the President’s of IU's direction to disperse as quickly and as safely as possible.


  •  The Governor of Eric Holcomb issued several executive orders, including one requiring Hoosiers to "stay at home" from late Tuesday night March 24th until April 7th. We understand that some of the members have not had a chance to move out from the University. If you are allowed to travel the following week that would fit with our plans. Only if it is safe for you to do. If travel is not allowed then we will work with the members on when the items can be removed. This is work in progress. We understand many of you are needing to travel a great distance to retrive your belongings.


  • If you are interested in what we have learned in history the coronavirus is serious and right now not very well treated. Similar to the Spanish Flu that started out weak in the spring but came back in the fall of 1918 and killed over 50 million people:


  • .Our wish is for your health and safety. You and our move out team may not know who are carriers and you could become one if someone was ill and at the Chapter House. Those coming back from Spring Break that were around large groups of people may be infected.


  • You guys are smart and we know you will make the right decision to help your brothers protect themselves. Thank you for your help and cooperation.  We want you and your families to be safe though these challenging times.


  • We have asked that Ryan Kline and Dean Allen to work with our Move Out team of Jayme, Shawn Wilson and John Tamewitz to have a plan in place to have the members collect their belongings, help get the house back in order as you received it and disperse the members as quickly and orderly as possible. That simple.


  • We are waiting to see what condition the Chapter House is left in, the cost to replace damaged or missing furniture, removal on your items downstairs and up before we issue any refunds toward your room and board. As a monetary measurement of you and your brothers it will be measured by how will you pull all of this off and the potential credit for April/May you will receive.


  • We are counting on your leadership as members of Theta Chi to make sure there is cooperation in pulling all this off over the following few days. Anyone who may be coughing or even appear to be sick to NOT be allowed into the house until they wait out their 14 day quarantine at their own home. We do want you to spread this virus to your brothers or others.


  • The move out process will start again after April 8th if the Governor resumes the ability to travel into the state. We are hopeful but we will also follow the news on your ability to travel to the University.


  • Again please coordinate with Ryan and Dean and to check in with Jayme, Shawn and John’s team to make sure each member’s room is as clean as they received it with a picture of the member in their room, sign a move out sheet and they should have a safe travels home to finish the semester as IU is offering.


  • If a member is not feeling well, has a fever and will not be allowed in the Chapter House they need to respect our wishes. Their stuff needs to be boxed up and labeled and sealed to be picked up at a later time. They need to let Jayme know if they are vacating the house for good and not coming back next fall to let them know what mattress is theirs so it can be disposed of. Thank you for your cooperation on this.


  • No personal belongings including furniture, clothing, sports equipment can be left in the house. They will be trashed. The Realty Corp or our management team will not take any responsibility for your belongings.


  • When you are able to return to the University please get with Jayme and Dean  to get signed up to enter the house when we get the all clear to do so. When we do please do the following:
    1. Collect your belongings and clean your room and the hallway outside your room.
    2. Bag and label your mattress and leave on the bed if they are coming back next fall or throw the mattress in a dumpster if they are not coming back. We are reusing some of the beds for next fall.
    3. Clean out the Rec room, bike room, living room, dining room, courtyard, brotherhood room and other common areas that don’t look like it did last Fall when we turned it over to you.
    4. Put our furniture back where they belong so we can assess what you will need to cover to replace broken or missing chairs, sofas, etc.
  • Again the Realty Corp takes no responsibility for your personal belongings.


  • The Realty Corp has budgeted for and we have to continue to pay for utilities, staff, services, TV and internet, and others costs to keep our house safe, clean and in proper repair for others who will move into the Chapter House for next year.
  • The Chapter house will go to 70 to 71 live in members next fall so New Pledges will need to let Dean Allen (your House Manager) know who wants to live in the Chapter House next Fall. He is getting us the information on the spring class now on who will be assigned leases.

  • Term of lease? 2 year/1.5 year/1 year/1 semester? Space in the Chapter House is limited next fall and the longer the term leases and/or seniority will get priority from the Realty Corp. 
  • Spring Pledges need to reach out to Dean Allen, your Alpha Iota House Manager, PH: 317-760-9120 or Email: to discuss this coming Fall 2020 Realty Corp Leases. The leases will need to be completed before the middle of April 2020.

  • On behalf of the Realty Corporation we wish you a safe and smooth transition on the orderly move out of the Chapter House. 


Member Scholarship Opportunities

The Foundation Chapter of Theta Chi provides scholarships to brothers pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees who demonstrate outstanding academic performance; service to the Fraternity, school and community; leadership activities; financial need; and clear personal and career goals and objectives.
The scholarship application for the 2019/2020 academic year is closed. The application link for the 2020/2021 academic year will be available on this page near the end of December 2019.

Theta Chi Alumni can make tax deductible scholarship donations to the Alpha Iota Educational Foundation through the following Scholarship Donation link: Alpha Iota Education Foundation Link

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