Little 500 Alumni Races

The Theta Chi team arrived at Armstrong Stadium more than an hour before their scheduled time to take the track. They set up their warm up bikes and began final preparations.

 Max Phillips, John Harrel, Jake Fowler, and Tyler Droste loosened up their muscles, discussed strategy and tempered their nerves in the minutes leading up to their first run. After going through registration, getting their team picture taken, picking up their bikes, and getting their final instructions, they were met at the starting line by one of the race officials, Chuck Taylor AI ’67, an All Star rider for Theta Chi, who had excused himself from official duties for their attempt.

After some final words of encouragement from CT, our men took the track and began their first attempt. By this time the other members of the Chapter, along with their pair, Delta Gamma sorority (who qualified later in the day in 10 th place for the women’s race), had gathered along the sidelines and were cheering feverously as first rider Max Phillips crossed the starting line to begin their qualification run. At the end of his lap, Max did a bike exchange with John and the second lap was under way. John finished his lap with another bike exchange and Jake Fowler took off. Jake rode a fast lap and brought the bike to Tyler Droste who muscled his way onto the bike and rode a good lap to finish a successful qualifying run in a time of 2:36.7.

 At that point, they were in 15th position and had done better than 9 other teams, which put them in the race. There were still several teams who still had not taken the track and by the end of the day, our men had finished in 24th position and set their sites on race day. Zach Smith was not available for quals due to an academic conflict, but will but will be a part of the team for the race. As we look toward the 56 th running of the Little 500, Theta Chi has ridden in 45 races and received trophies in 22 races. We are deeply appreciative of these men for reestablishing our Little 500 legacy and we wish this years Theta Chi Team the best for a successful outing!!!




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