Alpha Iota Parents Day:
November 10, 2006

Reestablishing good traditions continues at Alpha Iota with Parents Day. Parents came from all over Indiana, and from as far away as Connecticut. The undergraduates started the day with a meeting in the dining room that included an update of their activities so far this year and recognition certificates for the parents who worked at several summer work parties. Following the meeting, more than 175 sumptuous lunches were served to the Brothers and their families.

Michigan was in town to play our Hoosier football team and so after lunch it was off to the stadium for a rousing tailgate. Even though the Hoosiers struggled through the afternoon, the parents and Brothers had a wonderful time together. It was a cold day in Bloomington, so after the game it was back to the house to warm up before the parents left for home.

Here are the pictures that tell the story.

Dining room filled to overflowing

More living room overflow
Relaxing in the living room

Sellers gang in the front hall

Foyer fellowship

Even the conference room was full

More gather in the rec room



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