Theta Chi Realty Corporation

The Theta Chi Realty Corporation is organized under the Indiana Not-For-Profit Act and exists to provide housing for the Alpha Iota Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity at Indiana University. Its roots go back to 1923 when a group of Alpha Iota Alumni, including C. O. Davisson its first President, James Walker, E. V. Scott, Walter Shelton, Earl Chaney, Elisha Metzger, Leo Shumaker, Perle Small, Wray Walters, and Caryl Zollner formed the Theta Chi Building Association for the purpose of raising money to purchase a Chapter house. The original stock offering was for $20,000 of stock with a par value of $50/share. At its initial offering more than $8,500 was already pledged. Throughout the first years of the chapter, these capital stock purchases paved the way to purchase and furnish our chapter house. Two other men deserve special mention for serving lengthy terms as President: Emmett “Doc” Arnett and Al Warne. Doc was on the faculty at IU and a frequent visitor at the Chapter House in his other role as Chapter Advisor. Brother Warne administered the capital stock program from 1927-1992 and was very instrumental in the acquisition of our current Chapter house.

Over the years, this organization has evolved into what we now know as the Theta Chi Realty Corporation. The stock certificates have been converted to membership certificates and the Board meets regularly throughout the year to conduct its business. Once a year the Board holds its annual meeting, which all members are invited to attend, reviews its actions and financial status for the membership, and conducts elections for Officers and Directors.

Shortly after Theta Chi was established at IU, our first recognized Chapter house was at 420 South Fess Avenue where several members lived. In 1926 a lot was purchased on which the first Chapter house we would own was built and occupied in 1927, located at 101 North Jordan. It housed 32 men, was located in THE fraternity quadrangle and served as our home until 1969. Due to the tremendous growth of the campus in 1969 the University acquired our house (and several others) and we moved into our current location at 1440 North Jordan. This new house was one of the largest at the time on campus and in the nation for Theta Chi National Fraternity; it had the capacity for 82 men and a House Director. A major renovation project was completed in 1993, which included, major repairs, updating electrical and plumbing, and installing central air conditioning. We have continued to make improvements throughout the years, and have set a strategic goal of retiring the mortgage through donations from our Capital Campaign.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Corporation, you must be a member of Alpha Iota Chapter, make $1,000 contribution to the Corporation, and be approved by the Board of Directors. Our membership has begun to grow in recent years due to strong participation in our Capital Campaign.

The current members of the volunteer Board of Directors of the Corporation are:

President Kevin McIntosh '80
  Vice President  Tom Knox ‘77
  Secretary  Steve Dum '79
  Treasurer  Tom Cooler ‘81
Director Emeritus Dick Davisson ‘53
Director Jim McClusky ‘54  
  Director Jim Sandifer ‘56
  Director Dick Tetrick ‘77
Director Jerry Gordon ‘81
  Director William Davisson '84
  Director Matt Coffman ‘85

If you have any questions or would like to get involved with the Theta Chi Realty Corporation, please contact Kevin McIntosh at

Past Presidents:

C. O. Davisson            
Emmett Arnett
Joseph Wilander
Al Warne
Frank Barnhart
Dudley Colbert
Bruce Pennamped
Matt Coffman
Warren Hoffman
Jim Hurley

Drawings of the Alpha Iota Chapter Houses through the years



The Alpha Iota Chapter
of Theta Chi Fraternity
1440 N. Jordan Ave.
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